The benefits of playing beach volleyball

Oct. 28, 2021


Whether you play indoors, on grass or at the beach, volleyball is a great way to stay fit and healthy. It's also a great way to stay involved in social activities because it can be played with a single partner or with a team. In addition to being fun, playing volleyball is one of the best ways to stay in shape. Here is a summary of benefits of playing volleyball.

Child Neoprene Beach Sports Volleyball for Water Pool


Burn fat and calories

One of the biggest benefits of playing volleyball is that it helps burn calories. As a result, your body can effectively maintain a positive ratio between muscle and fat. It is estimated that just playing a half-hour volleyball game can burn between 120 and 178 calories, while a less competitive game may burn between 90 and 133 calories. Volleyball is a great way to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.


Improve hand-eye coordination

Volleyball is all about hand-eye coordination. When serving, your eyes have to follow the ball and hit it in the right spot. On defense, you must react to where the ball is going and be ready to attack. When setting up, your hand-eye coordination helps you see where your hitters are to ensure a good setup for them.


Heart health

 By increasing your heart rate, your body will circulate more blood and nutrients throughout your body, which will improve your overall health.


Build muscle strength

Volleyball requires strong chest and core muscles for almost every game. When you pass, you mimic squatting and you have to use your legs to generate power. When setting up, you must use your arms, legs and hands, especially your thighs. When the ball comes at you, you need to use your legs and arms to carry the weight and push upward. Your hands need to be strong to prevent injury.


Improve interpersonal skills

Volleyball requires teamwork and a fast pace. A study of adult men who participated in regular team sports found that team members developed better social skills than men who were less involved in team sports. Leadership and cooperation skills provide valuable lessons that can help us in other areas of our lives.


Boosts mood and increases motivation to succeed

Your participation in volleyball can improve your mood, reduce stress and encourage pride in your accomplishments as a team member. The activity can also improve your self-confidence, self-esteem and body image, and make you feel happier about life in general. Participating in volleyball can also improve your motivation and ability to succeed. As a team player, your cooperative efforts can lead to team success or failure. Team members encourage each other during practices and games, giving everyone the confidence to continue working to master and perfect the skills needed to win.